Follow Me–The enchanting city of Paris proves once more to be an endless source of inspiration, as displayed by this short movie directed by Ramón J. Goñi (Swoon NYC), starring models Ryan Schira and Bastien Grimal. Directing the boys in the always appealing black & white, Goñi creates an intriguing atmosphere, where the music composed by Mikael Karlsson emphasizes the mood of the images, which are styled by Anne Manaud with pieces from Canali, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton’s collections. Moving across the streets of Paris at night, or walking on the bridges that cross the Seine, the boys start the chase of female model Charlie Melchiori, ignoring the unexpected sweet finale that is waiting for them behind the corner. / Written by Ramón J. Goñi and Adrenus Craton. Cinematography by Ramón J. Goñi. Camera assistance by Olivier Herold. Hair by Michael Marenco. Makeup by Cathy Widawska.

Sunday, 19th May